Yutu-2 discovered a mystery house on Moon

Yutu-2 discovered a mystery house on Moon

The Yutu-2 rover is part of the Chinese Chang’e 4 mission to the Moon. Recently, it spotted a mysterious, strange-looking, cube-shaped object on moon surface. Since, then it has become the subject of much speculation on social media. China’s space agency released some photos and this object was firstly spotted in those images.

According to Space.com, the rover spotted the object as it made its way across the Von Karman crater on the far side of the Moon. Yutu-2 rover is exploring far side of the moon since 2019.

Have a look at this tweet from Andrew Jones, a journalist for Space.com.


In a follow-up tweet, he said, it’s not an obelisk or aliens, but certainly something to check out.

According to CNET, the object has been dubbed “mystery house” and scientists are likely to drive the rover closer to it in order to get a better look.