Why is NASA sending people to moon again?


The space agency, NASA is not going to transport people to the moon in 2024. They declared yesterday that it is now aiming to send a team to revolve around the moon, Apollo 8 style, in May 2024. And after that, land astronauts on the earth, perhaps, in 2025. If you are thinking now something like, what? NASA is again trying to land people on the moon? —that’s nice. There are many things to extend Americans’ intentions than what NASA may not do. The Biden rule isn’t talking it up either.

The current moon effort is known as Artemis that is named for Apollo’s sister in Greek mythology. It occurred during the Trump administration. NASA made clear that they could not pull off a Mars grounding before the end of his first term. The president turned to the moon, and in 2019 ordered NASA to land Americans on the lunar ground in 2024. The Biden administration adopted the Artemis program in February and NASA had continued onto 2024. President Joe Biden has not publicly reviewed the program, and during a speech, Vice President Kamala Harris discussed only one moon landing that happened more than 50 years ago.

NASA is “getting geared up to go,” Bill Nelson said who is the NASA administrator under Biden. Americans have not toured the moon since 1972. Public officials must present the wonder of space travel as proof that “we can meet any challenge” on Earth. In the next 50 years, they might have to accept that it is not as compelling as they think.

NASA is advancing to the Moon with commercial and international allies to explore faster together. This work will bring new opportunities and encourage the next generation. In going to the Moon, NASA is also laying the foundation that will finally allow human exploration of Mars. This journey is going to test technologies and resources that will take people to Mars and beyond with having reusable architecture & resources.

NASA’s work to reach the Moon is determining us for the challenging missions to Mars and other deep-space destinations. As NASA is moving forward to the Moon and on to Mars, wants the world to come along.