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VSS Unity takes to the skies for her Third Powered Test Flight

Virgin Galactic is a space tourism organization that plans to begin commercial spaceflights into orbit in 2022. Sir Richard Branson, a billionaire businessman, is the owner of this space organization. The company was created in 2004.

The flight launch date has been delayed multiple times. Virgin Galactic was supposed to be flying tourists into space by 2007 as stated by Branson. The delay was caused by development challenges, a tragic explosion during a field test in 2007, and a devastating test-flight accident in October 2014.

The organization achieved a significant goal when its SpaceShipTwo model, named VSS Unity, test flight flew into space in 2018. The Unity spacecraft reached a height of 51 miles (82 kilometers), which is marginally greater than the borderline between space and atmosphere of Earth according to the US Air Force. The more renowned Kármán line, which defines where space commences, is 62 miles (100 km) above Earth’s surface.

Virgin Galactic: VSS Unity Test Flight

Virgin Galactic has successfully tested the first suborbital flight of VSS Unity spacecraft with a full crew including Sir Richard Branson, 3 other guests, and two pilots in July 2011. Consequently, the new sale of tickets has significantly increased.

VSS Unity takes off underneath the wings of VMS Eve which is a transporter plane. As the carrier plane reaches a height of around 50,000 feet, the Unity space aircraft detached from the carrier plane and powers up its rocket engine to continue its own trip to suborbital space. The six-passenger experienced almost zero gravity for a few minutes and observed the curvature of Earth against the darkness of space.

Unity has already completed four suborbital test flights. But it won’t be flying again for a while; Virgin Galactic is presently working on Eve’s repairs and enhancements, which will put the carrier plane out of service until mid-2022.

According to authorities, these improvements will extend the vehicle’s total service life. They also stated that subject to testing and verification, the completion of these efforts will see Eve accomplish 100 flights.

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Virgin intends to launch future commercial spaceflight from the Spaceport America complex, but the company has also agreed to build a spaceport in Abu Dhabi.

Hundreds of people have placed deposits for suborbital flights with the organization. Actors Ashton Kutcher, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie are the most well-known names on the list. Since the 2014 collapse, a few persons are said to have stepped back.

From the last some months, Virgin Galactic’s customers have increased almost 15%. Since Virgin Galactic began reservations in August, about 100 customers have purchased tickets to travel to suborbital space and return, according to company officials. Virgin Galactic’s client base has grown to over 700 people. Virgin Galactic officials stated that the business plans to increase that number to 1,000 in late 2022.

Approximately one hundred new clients are paying $450K per ticket for space flight. It’s a significant increase over their predecessors, who paid $250,000 per seat in the last auction for ticket sales, which ended in late 2018.