The wealthiest Billionaire of all time


After jeff Bozos, Elon Musk has become the wealthiest Billionaire of all time in September and hasn’t glanced back. Elon Musk joked to Forbes about sending the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos a silver medal. Which he did but as a silver medal emoji on twitter.

Elon Musk can give the this credit to his 21% stake in Tesla. Although he helped this company launch as an investor initially. Shares closed Friday at about $910. By Monday at noon, the stock had jumped to roughly $978 apiece—up 33% since the year began, and enough to give Tesla a $968 billion market capitalization. By 4 p.m. when trading stopped Monday, Tesla’s market capitalization exceeded $1 trillion for the first time; shares closed at $1,024.86 a piece, up 12.6% in one day.

Tesla Company

Hertz made public that they plan to buy 100,000 electric cars from Tesla on Monday. The vehicles comprised of Model 3 Sedans mainly They also announced the reason which was the cars were bought for it’s rental car fleet.

This accelerated Musk’s fortune by $25.6 billion since this Friday’s market close. On Monday his net worth soared to $255.2 billion. Forbes estimates making him the richest he’s ever been. And likely said, the wealthiest Billionaire of all time to walk on earth.

Forbes has followed up many billionaires. But Elon Musk is the wealthiest one, states Forbes. Google founder Larry Page is no. 6 richest, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg on no. 7. Even after combining these rich men, Elon Musk still tops them and is worth more than them merged.