The Future of Space Tourism and Exploration

Future of Space Tourism and Exploration

A lot of the engineers and scientists agree that this is the most epic and peak time to look for the space tourism or travelling possibilities. Therefore, many Aerospace engineers, scientists or technicians are continuously working together to break barriers to achieve the seemingly impossible. Almost every other day, we hear something new is happening above the earth’s atmosphere.

Space Tourism

This is the time when dream come true. A lot of private companies (e.g. SpaceX, Blue origin) are offering space tourism. Private industry is developing spacecraft for NASA missions. Moreover, they developed a robotic helicopter that is currently exploring Mars. There are several types of space tourism, including:

  • Orbital
  • Sub-Orbital
  • Lunar

Make your reservations now. The space trips industry is officially open for business, and tickets are going for a mere $20 million for a one-week stay in space. For further details, contact us today.

Although, there is no specific law on space tourism but looking at the hype and need of the hour – a relevant legislative act can be developed in the countries concerned with the introduction of information on the rights and responsibilities of tourism operators.


Currently, Blue Origin has a Federal Aviation Administration license for human space travel through August 2021. If the first crewed flights are successful, the public can potentially start space trip flights in early 2022.

Popularity in civilian space travel is increasing as several of the world’s billionaires (e.g. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos) have an ongoing friendly competition.

Several final suborbital test flights by Virgin Galactic are happening in late 2021/2022 before the company gets clearance to take commercial passengers.