Sparks Company and Space Travel

Sparks Company and Space Travel

Each day a new firm is stepping into the commercial space industry. Unlike others, this one already promotes billions of dollars in business. Space tourism is growing rapidly, and it is getting much closer to reality. Sierra Nevada Corporation is based in Sparks. At the end of the decade, the company is building up with Blue Origin to construct a commercial space station. The space station is also called “Orbital Reef”.

Kimberly Schwandt who is Director of Communications for Sierra Space told that like Earth, you could rent out a small locker, you could rent out an office and a space hotel room in the space. Orbital Reef would serve people to do business, research, or even manufacturing in space.

Moreover, there are a lot of benefits with zero gravity, according to Schwandt. More on, he said, “A lot of medical, pharmaceutical research and manufacturing is possible bitterly in space. People can stay up there for weeks or months at a time or even shorter trips too,” Schwandt continued that it may depend on the purpose for people are going there.

Sierra Space formed Dream Chaser spaceplanes that will accommodate transporting. It will also establish its Large Interspersed Flexible Environment (LIFE) and node modules. Blue Origin grants the rockets to support the Dream Chaser, large-diameter modules, and the reusable heavy-lift New Glenn launch technology.

The Dream Chaser is a spaceship that seems like a miniature shuttle due to its more modern technology than NASA’s shuttle program.

Space traveling is not just expensive, but safety is another regard.

The plan is to develop Orbital Reef in space, using as few launches as possible to perform it more cost-effective.