SpaceX Inspiration-4 for Everyone

SpaceX Inspiration-4 for Everyone

SpaceX announced on Wednesday, this time they are preparing a flight with their Dragon Capsule to send off complete amateur crew into Earths orbit. Giving the mission athe name: Inspiration-4. Without any professional astronaut or flight crew onboard, and so they will launch four novice passengers into orbit to present a window of opportunity to travel space for everyone.

The crew aborad the Dragon Capsule include a billionaire, Jared Isaacman, who is mainly behind this mission and also charted for it. Isaacman is accompanied by three completely anonymous people. Hence each seat in the mission is designated to hold a specific value.

Crew Members

CEO of an e-commerce firm called “Shift4 Payments”, Isaacman is a 38 year old guy, his seat represents “Leadership”. Because he started this mission to keep up and support one of his treasured cause, St. Jude Children Research Hospital.

Along with Isaacman, is a physician assistant Hayley Arceneaux, she had been treated with bone cancer as a child at St. Jude Hospital. She will be the youngest American to travel in space at the age of 29. Her seat represents “Hope”. She will also be the “medical manager” of the mission.

The seat which represents “Prosperity” belongs to a 51 year old geoscientist, Sian Proctor. She was once a candidate for NASA’s astronaut program. She created a site which provides an online sale solutions. As a part of Isaacman’s company, the site relates to space as a part of contest. Sian will be the fourth African American women to go in space.

As SpaceX Inspiration-4 is for everyone. Lastly, a man who served in Iraq. Chris Sembroski, a US air force veteran who now works in aeronautics sector. He is selected for the generous donation he gave at St. Jude fundraiser. Of course his seat serves as “Generosity”.

Space Shuttle

SpaceX Dragon for Inspiration-4
SpaceX Dragon

SpaceX Inspiration-4 spacecraft will operate automatically without any human interaction once launched into orbit. Accordingly the missions “commander” is Isaacman himself, and the “pilot” is Sian Proctor, recognizing them as licensed pilots. SpaceX uses it’s Dragon Capsule to send astronauts to the ISS for NASA. But for our space travelers, this flight will only orbit the Earth. Their purpose is to see for the likely and “possible applications for the human health on Earth”.

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