SpaceX – Aerospace Tourism Company

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SpaceX is an aerospace firm. This company is also working on commercial spaceflight for common people. Elon Musk started this company to change the aerospace sector and deliver cheap space travel to the people. This company has got many successes after many failures. SpaceX has successfully landed back spaceship to earth from orbit. This was also a big achievement of the company to fly and connect the staff spaceship to the International Space Station (ISS).

SpaceX – Space Tourism

SpaceX is greatly working for space tourism. Numerous space tourists traveled to orbit this year with different companies, and the narrative is only getting started. Last year, SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic all launched their first tourist-focused missions, taking several individuals into space with very basic preparation in commercial spaceflight.

The Inspiration4 (2021) was the first SpaceX mission in which anyone can fly in space commercially. The operation successfully took the Dragon spacecraft capsule into low Earth orbit and return back to earth after three days. All of the passengers on the flight were not professional. The Inspiration4 spacecraft flew at a height of roughly 585 kilometers in orbit. SpaceX provided basic astronaut training to all four crew members. Many topics were taught in the training session such as working in low gravity, orbital mechanics, mission simulations, stress testing, emergency preparation training, etc.

SpaceX – Starship

In addition, SpaceX is introducing a new advanced rocket named Starship. Elon Musk has a plan to make a rocket that can be reused and also can launch payloads or hundreds of people at once. It consists of a Very Huge booster and a spaceship called Starship. The rocket may return directly on the launching tower’s mechanical arms. This spaceship can deliver 100 tons to low Earth orbit, the Moon, and Mars. The Raptor engine is used in this spaceship which runs on liquid oxygen and methane.

The orbital flight, which might happen in 2022, is the next important achievement for Starship. Due to several assessments, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has postponed launch dates multiple times. In the future, Starship may install satellites and space vehicles to serve space passengers and to explore the Moon. In the future, the rocket will help SpaceX achieve its goal of populating Mars, and it may also be used to enable transport between different locations on Earth due to cheaper launch costs.

Space tourism
Space tourism