Space Tourism Cost

space tourism cost

The year 2021 will go down in history as a major milestone for space tourism. There have been a significant number of private orbital and suborbital flights successfully launched. Space tourism cost, as we know is in its early phases, is currently unaffordable. However, as technology improves and more businesses enter the field, tourism costs would fall. Some of the space tourism expenses along flight plans are given below:

Space Tourism Cost of Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon is designed to take eight travelers and one pilot at a cost of $125K per seat. They will be gently carried into the sky by a hydrogen-filled balloon for six hours to a height of 30 kilometers which is higher than the private plane height (7 miles). The crew compartment has a bar, a washroom, and large windows with unique tourism attractions.

A Suborbital flight with Virgin Galactic

With SpaceShipTwo spacecraft, Virgin Galactic is providing one and a half-hour-long suborbital flight to 50 kilometers above sea level. The crew will feel weightlessness for a few minutes during fall back. In 2013, the organization began selling tickets for $250K each. The firm had received payments from over 600 potential consumers by the time sales were suspended in 2014. In August of 2021, ticket sales restarted at a premium space tourism cost of $450K.

A Karman Line visit with Blue Origin Rocket

Blue Origin is providing a comparable suborbital trip like SpaceShipTwo, but it uses a real rocket called New Shepard to carry passengers. This rocket, a combo of booster and capsule, will provide a 13 minutes ride to Karman Line at a height of 107 Km. Blue Origin will charge $28 million per seat for each person.

Space Tourism Cost of SpaceX

SpaceX has more expertise than other firms on our list when it comes to sending people into space. They’re asking $55 million for each seat in their Dragon spacecraft. They will spend three days in space.  Four volunteer astronauts have already visited space into this spacecraft.  The crewed spaceship will fly to a height of 574 Kilometers.

International Space Station visit with Axiom Space/SpaceX

SpaceX and Axiom Space companies together are offering a 10-day journey at the Space tourism cost $55 million for a ticket. A week at a height of 408 km in the orbital lab is included in this tour. A mission is scheduled to fly aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule next year with all civilians.

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Space tourism cost
Space tourism cost