Space hotel that will take you around the moon

space hotel

Robert Bigelow is planning an inflatable space hotel to be a reality by 2022. That is actually one-third of the size of the International Space Station, orbiting the moon.

A space pod company in Las Vegas, named Bigelow Aerospace intends to send an inflatable space hotel into the moon’s orbit. The floating space hotel, which would be traveling around our natural satellite will have accommodations for common citizen space travelers.

In past, Bigelow Aerospace joined hands with NASA. They planned to attach an inflatable, soft-shell demo pod, Bigelow Expandable Activity Module or BEAM, onto the International Space Station. Now, the company has announced that soon, an even bigger inflatable pod “lunar depot”, could be orbiting the moon.

The moon hotel is no doubt a much more ambitious plan for the company than attaching the add-ons to ISS. Bigelow Aerospace has suggested that the pod would be able to accommodate roughly six people. And the company is billing it as a hub for “significant lunar business development,” states the report.

This news is revealed in International Business Times.

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