Plan your next Date in Space

date on space

Yes, now you can plan your next date in Space. Imagine, sitting far away from earth and looking at it. Witnessing all the space traffic and a fine dinner amongst the starts or galaxies. You’ll be served with whatever you ask for, fresh flowers, sushi, pasta, oysters, risotto – just name it.

This is going to happen. A lot of companies have already started space tourism (e.g. SpaceX). You might have already heard about the space hotel.


The concept of space tourism is growing in popularity all the time, and there are a growing number of businesses engaging in activities within the space tourism industry. For those who are hoping to one-day visit space.

Space Exposition

We are a space tourism travel agency – We know all types of tourist space flights. This brings us closer to our client’s expectations for more captivating Adventure and Experience.

Make your next Date remarkable and everlasting. Stay in touch with us and learn more about Space Date – The future of Dating!