Moon – Natural Satellite

It is always a dream for humans to travel in space and visit the Moon. Moons in our solar system are also called natural satellites because of orbital rotation across different planets. There are 205 moons revolving around the planets in our solar system. The Earth only has one, which is roughly one-fourth of its diameter. Some space tourism organizations are offering space flight for the Moon such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Space Adventures, and Excalibur Almaz. They have announced their fare per seat for an amazing journey. There are two major types of trips are offered until now. One is the “Circumlunar Mission” in which passengers will visit the moon from height and no landing is included. Another one offered trip is “Lunar Landing”.

Circumlunar Mission

Space Adventures is taking reservations for a future lunar trip that will include traveling around the Moon (Natural Satellite) trajectory. Two Russian launch systems will be used for this flight. A Soyuz launch vehicle launching a Soyuz spacecraft into low Earth orbit. The trip will span 8–9 days, with (roughly) two and half days in Earth orbit, five days to reach the Moon (Natural Satellite) trajectory, a 45-minute view of the Moon from 100-Km above the surface, and two and half days back to Earth. Space Adventures started in 2011 that one of the tickets on the lunar journey had been sold for USD 150 million and that they were in talks to sell a second seat. Although this is just a flying trip and will not land on the Moon (Natural Satellite). This mission involves decades of ground-based preparation. Excalibur Almaz had the same price as Space Adventures, but they were never able to launch their spacecraft into space. There are many attractions in a lunar trip even without landing such as; how the other side of the Moon looks like, and how does the planet Earth looks and is located against the Moon trajectory.

Lunar Landing

The Golden Spike organization is a space transportation start-up which is located in the United States. The corporation was established with the goal of providing a private commercial space-traveling facility to the Moon’s (Natural Satellite) surface. Golden Spike signed a deal with Northrop Grumman in January 2013 for the development of a Moon landing spacecraft as part of their “head start” commercialized lunar design. The Company demanded a huge amount of 750 USD million for each seat for future moon landing trips.

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