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The Jeff Bezos Space travel appears to have been a successful finishing a historic month for space tourism businesses that included a nine-day earlier journey to the sky by British billionaire Richard Branson on a special jet built by Virgin Galactic, a competitor to Blue Origin. Both organizations are planning to expand their services in order to convince super-rich consumers to pay a high price for a ticket for space travel.

The Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos, now has become an astronaut at the age of 57. Jeff Bezos has revealed that he had wanted to go to space since childhood. In July 2021, Jeff Bezos and three other people went to the edge of space on a rocket, named New Shepard, connected with a capsule which is created by his commercial space organization, Blue Origin. The millionaire businessman was a member of the first unpiloted suborbital flight with an all-civilian crew, making history. The journey was also the first time Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket launched with a crew.

Blue Origin created huge excitement for the space trip by a well-organized auction. An unknown bidder paid $28 million to travel with Bezos, but a scheduling problem caused an opportunity for Oliver Daemen, a son of a Dutch businessman. The other two onboard crew members were Bezos’s brother Mark and 82 years old astronaut, Wally Funk.

New Shepard Space Flight – Jeff Bezos Space Travel

The New Shepard space rocket has two parts which are capsule and booster. The booster is the lower part of the rocket that is used to take the capsule at height. The capsule is a large cabin having a 10 feet height for crew and has large windows to see breathtaking views of space and earth span. The booster flew with a connected capsule near to the Karman line and detached the capsule. The New Shepard rocket landed back to the ground on a landing pad instead of blowing up in the environment. So, this booster can be reused to reduce the price of space trips and makes it accessible for common people.

After separation from booster, capsule flew above space boundary and they enjoyed an unforgettable moment of life and watched the earth span. After that, Blue Origin’s capsule grounded in West Texas, just after 10 minutes from taking off aboard the New Shepard rocket. As the capsule flew beyond the boundary of space at a height of roughly 100 kilometers (62 miles) above the Earth, Jeff Bezos enjoyed the weightlessness for 11 minutes. Six parachutes were used as the spacecraft floated down to the ground.

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