Jeff Bezos says most people won’t be able to live on earth


Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin and Amazon, has divined that space will be the next home of people one day, and people will visit Earth on vacation. He said that in the future, kids would be born in space and live in large floating cylinders with all the circumstances like earth. 

Jeff Bezos continued at the 2021 Ignatius Forum last Wednesday about the expectation of space travel. During the conversation, he commented that most people would not even be born on Earth one day and that it might even change into a tourist place for space colonizers.

Protecting Earth

Bezos emphasized that Earth is “the most valuable planet” and that it is our responsibility to “preserve it and conserve it.” However, he still thinks that the future of humankind is not on Earth but on the solar system.

“This Earth can support 10 billion people to a particular degree,” he said, “The solar system can hold a trillion people, and we can advance to grow our culture and improve our energy intensity.”

He understands that taking dramatic actions like terraforming Mars could relieve much of the pressure on the ecosystem of our planet. While that would be an infinite effort, he said, it would also mean a “doubling of Earth.”

“Then you are going from 10 billion to 20 billion people,” he continued.

Space Colonies

Bezos also divined that one day, millions of children will be born off-world in colonies in space. These supermassive arrangements would turn to simulate gravity and might even have rivers and forests of their own.

It is a surely interesting conversation with some interesting predictions from Bezos. However, we should not try to make fun of his actual experiments to leave Earth.