China renews space cooperation vow

China renews space cooperation vow

BEIJING (AP) — China, recently, has sent a three-person team to the space station and now they resumed its dedication to international cooperation in the use of space.

Zhao Lijian, the Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry informed that transferring humans into space was a common cause and China would proceed to extend the depth and breadth of international cooperation in spaceflight.

China is going to send two men and one woman for six months to the Tianhe core module of its space station. It is going to be the longest crewed space mission of China. It would be a new milestone for a program that has progressed rapidly in recent years. China has been excluded from the International Space Station for a long time due to U.S. objections over the Chinese program’s nature and closes military ties.

U.S. law demands congressional permission for the contact between the American and Chinese space programs. But, China cooperates with space authorities from countries including France, Sweden, Russia, and Italy. Chinese officials say they look ahead to entertaining astronauts from other countries aboard the space station once it satisfies fully functional.

China’s first spacewalk

The new crew has two experts of space travel. Pilot Zhai Zhigang completed China’s first spacewalk. Wang Yaping and the only woman on the mission did experiments and led a science class in real-time while going on one of China’s earlier test space stations. Ye Guangfu has experienced training with the European Space Agency and will be traveling into space for the first time.

China this year also settled its Tianwen-1 space probe on Mars, who’s conducting Zhurong rover has been opened for proof of life.

Other programs call for getting soil from an asteroid and taking back additional lunar samples. China has also revealed an ambition to land people on the moon and probably create a scientific base there. A highly undercover space plane is also reportedly under construction.