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Blue Origin is a private aerospace development company that was started in 2000, founded by Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon). The headquarter of the company is located in Kent, Washington, USA. Blue Origin has a goal to decrease the cost of spaceflight so that humans can explore and enjoy the solar system.

The corporation has started researching and engineering aircraft capabilities that will allow to take off, stop, land, and resume. The flight test has been done successfully. So, the company has introduced many versions of orbital and suborbital flights. Blue Origin’s has aim to provide living and workspace services to humans with the reuse of aerospace vehicles. Blue Origin has different research programs such as New Shepard, Blue Moon, and New Glenn. They all refer to space tourism.

New Shepard Project

The New Shepard is a recoverable crewed spacecraft project of Blue Origin company. The company chose this name in the honor of Alan Shepard, the first American traveler in space. The spaceflight system consists of two parts: a crew capsule that can hold three or more people and a rocket booster that launches the capsule into space. The device is intended to transport people and research material to the edge of space in just a short interval of eleven minutes. The two parts take off together but split during flight. The booster is planned to come back to Earth with the help of a parachute for a vertical landing in West Texas after separation from the capsule. Whereas the crew capsule takes a different path, landing on land with parachutes. Both parts are designed to be re-used and recovered.

Blue Moon Project

Blue Moon is another lunar lander project of Blue Origin that will deliver a variety of payloads to the moon’s surface in order to establish a long-term human settlement on the moon. The vehicle, which is based on the New Shepard, can offer precise steering, vertical landing, and landing gear operation. The lander has the capability of landing numerous metric tons of cargo on the moon while also providing kilowatts of electricity to the system.

New Glenn Project

The New Glenn is another reusable spacecraft project of Blue Origin that will transport people and cargo into and outside Earth trajectory. This spacecraft’s name is chosen in the honor of astronaut John Glenn. It will make at least 25 space missions and will be used for civilian, commercial, and national security objectives.

Blue Origin
Blue Origin