A guide to Nasa’s Orion spacecraft, designed to visit the Moon and Mars


Orion is the name of the new spaceship of Nasa for humans. It was designed to visit the Moon and Mars. Here is the full guide:

When astronauts travel, they go & return to the Moon in Orion under a Nasa plan called Artemis. Orion is a vehicle for the future, with the conical shape of the capsule that recalls the Apollo modules, visited the Moon fifty years ago.

The physics of returning to Earth from space is the same. An object is stable when traveling through our atmosphere at supersonic speeds. But Orion is packed with technology that is more advance than imagined.

Orion Structure

Orion consists of four main elements:

  • Crew module to transport astronauts and cargo
  • A European Service Module (ESM) to provide propulsion and electrical power
  • A Launch Abort System (LAS) to move Orion away from danger if a launch emergency occurs
  • A Spacecraft Adapter to connect Orion to the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket for launch

Building Orion

George W Bush was the president of the space shuttle. Orion has cost more than $18bn since work started in 2006.

The basic of the crew module is called the pressure vessel that is made of an aluminum-lithium alloy. It gives a honeycomb structure, keeping strength while decreasing the weight.

Deep space travel

Inside the cabin of Orion, there are four adjustable seats, can give a range of different body sizes and shapes. Once Orion enters orbit, crew members can strike and stow some or all of the places to get more room.

Radiation and rocks

Orion is designed to protect astronauts on the space station. Space radiation originates from various modes, but the most insidious is solar particle events (SPEs). These bombardments enhance the chance of cancer or cardiovascular disease.

Returning to Earth

Crew members set the seats back to prepare for re-entry. The Orion capsule parts from the service module to revert to Earth. An amphibious carrier ship will be waiting nearby to regain the astronauts.

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